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Home Seekers Blog: We Still Need More Homes Built Homebuilders Aren’t Overbuilding, They’re Catching Up You may have heard that there are more brand-new homes available right now than the norm. Today, about one in three homes on the market are newly built. And if you’re wondering what that means for the housing market and for your own move, here’s what you need to know. Why This Isn’t Like […]
Home Seekers Blog: Home Prices Are Not Declining Home Prices Aren’t Declining, But Headlines Might Make You Think They Are If you’ve seen the news lately about home sellers slashing prices, it’s a great example of how headlines do more to terrify than clarify. Here’s what’s really happening with prices. The bottom line is home prices are higher than they were a year ago at […]
Home Seekers Infographic: Build Wealth With Home Ownership
Home Seekers Blog: It’s June, So What To Expect In The Market? What To Expect if You Buy or Sell a Home This June June is a busy month in the housing market because a lot of people buy and sell this time of year. So, if you’ve got a move on your mind and you’re looking to make it happen this month, here’s a snapshot of what you need to know to […]
Home Seekers Infographic: Top Reasons To Own A Home. And They Are Good Ones!
RE News Infographics: Builders Are Building Smaller Homes These Days-Infographic
RE News How Many Homes Are Investors Actually Buying? How Many Homes Are Investors Actually Buying? Are big investors really buying up all the homes today? If you’re trying to find a house to buy, this may be something you’re wondering about. Maybe you’ve read about it or seen reels on social media saying investors buying all the homes is making it even harder to find what […]
Home Seekers What’s Next for Home Prices and Mortgage Rates? What’s Next for Home Prices and Mortgage Rates? If you’re thinking of making a move this year, there are two housing market factors that are probably on your mind: home prices and mortgage rates. You’re wondering what’s going to happen next. And if it’s worth it to move now, or better to wait it out. The only thing you can really […]
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